Bee Young

Website Owner/Editor

As a student in college, I learned a lot about integrating the arts into all aspects of learning. Loving the world of art myself, my philosophy is that art could be and should be in every classroom. Yet so many teachers are still teaching in ways that do not involve the arts in their techniques. As a new coming teacher, I saw a need for a good resource for others to be able to access in order to help them integrate art into their classroom. It is my goal to provide a collection of various tools and resources that other teachers can use to help them to inspire artistic creativity in their classroom (on a budget!), while still teaching the standards that they are required to teach.

This website will contain various resources for teachers, including reviews or links to relevant articles, ideas for lesson plans for various subjects and age groups, as well as tips and tutorials for bringing art into your classroom (since we usually have to pay for that ourselves!). I will also include various topics on arts and technology, as I am passionate about using technology as a tool in the classroom to enhance the learning experiences for our students.
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