Welcome to my website!

This website was created to help promote utilizing arts as a learning tool in the classroom. Art has been proven time and time again to improve children's learning experiences, and it should be in every classroom! Are you interested in joining me on my journey? Or are you looking for help yourself? Contact me and join other teachers as we collaborate together to bring a greater learning experience to our students!

Community and charity

Youth soccer game

Every Thursday we meet for a communal soccer game.

Summer festival on August 12

Come on by and celebrate our summer festival with us.

Day of inclusion

Every Tuesday evening we meet to share a meal.

Interview in the local paper

A multi-page article about our organization will appear in next week’s newspaper.

A powerful network

With over 800 active members, our organization forms a strong and reliable network. This allows us to advocate in the local community and work directly with the children and teens we serve.







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